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For your information this website was built 100% using WPProfitBuilder and to view an example of a quick "squeeze page" built using FunnelKitGo click here

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Video 1

Explains the rules and basis of our club. We do not tolerate negativity in any shape or form in the group, in comments here or in our forum.

Understand what we are about and then commit to your success.

We are here to support and train you but we cannot and will not "Do It For You!"

Video 2

Explains the fundamental principles of our club. We do not lie to you in any shape or form here because we believe that you should know the facts; then make an educated decision based on those facts. Only in this way can you fully understand and believe in what you are a part of and so stay with it until you succeed. This is what 2% of marketers do and this is why 2% of marketers make 98% of the money. This is your path to the 2% Club.

Video 3

Taking responsibility for your past, present and future.

The simple requirements for making money with your online business.

Video 4

Knowing your numbers...

The figures shown are examples of a good funnel and are not guarantees of income; nor do they necessarily represent the funnel our members will be using.

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